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Haitian Revolution
Fever Model of Revolution
Fever Stage
How this stage applies to the revolution you chose
The Incubation Stage
In a revolution, this stage would involve the political, social, intellectual, or economic causes. In some cases, these causes could fester for many years before showing themselves in the form of actual revolutionary action.
The slaves were being oppressed on a daily basis by the whites, and they suffered from a large gap in social equality between them and the whites.
There was also class tension between the upper class whites and the lower class whites.
The Symptomatic Stage
In a revolution, this stage would be the first to involve direct action resulting from the social, political, intellectual, or economic causes of the incubation stage. This stage might involve the publication of works calling for a change, street level riots by the common people, or more direct attempts at changing the society.

Initially, it began with the conflict between the two classes of whites. The grands blancs argued that they could represent the whole island, where as the petit blancs argued for their own representation. The slaves felt out of the loop because of this, and argued for their own independence and equality.
The Crisis Stage
In a revolution, this stage would be the make or break part of the struggle. It may involve conflict where sides for and against the revolution compete. This competition could take the form of debate or full-scale war. Successful revolutions survive this stage. Those that do