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And on the 8th day after God made a farmer he said I need a leader. I need someone who can get up before my Sun, do his chores, work hard in school, stay up past midnight helping younger ones with record books. So God made an FFA member. He said I need someone who can can fall in the dirt, get up, dust himself off, and fix what he did wrong. So God made an FFA member. God said I need someone who has the will as strong as a tornado, but a voice and touch as soft as cotton blowing in a spring breeze. So God made an FFA Member (Paul Harvey ‘So God Made a Farmer’ YouTube).
FFA members are supposed to help those who need our help, and one great example is helping grow the crops around the world for those who go hungry every night or don’t know where their next meal will come from.
Over the past century there have been major accomplishments in crop yield growth because of either genetically modifying the genes of crops or doing selective breeding to create a strand of crop resistant to a disease or insect. People believe that genetically modified organisms (GMO’S) or selectively bred crops will kill you if you eat
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This could be changed if someone takes a stand and help people in both his or her country and across the world with starvation. One way that we as a community and country can help with this is in the simplest of ways, one major one is that we can start a food drive and help out our local food pantries with people around even our communities. One dream of mine is to know the kids around my community who don’t get 3 meals a day and are lucky if they only get one, because I would gladly got to the grocery store and buy them some food for a meal and help them cook it too if need be. They shouldn’t be afraid to ask me, because I want to help those who need help regardless of what their situation is at the