Fi512 Dcf Valuation Assignment Essay

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1. [DCF Valuation and Ownership Concepts] The venture investors and founders of ACE Products, a closely held corporation, are contemplating merging the successful venture into a much larger diversified firm that operates in the same industry. ACE estimates its free cash flows that will be available to the enterprise next year at $5,200,000. Since the venture is now in its maturity stage, ACE’s free cash flows are expected to continue to grow at a 6 percent annual compound growth rate in the future. A weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for the venture is estimated at 15 percent. Interest-bearing debt owed by ACE is $17.5 million. In addition, the venture has surplus cash of $4 million. ACE currently has five million shares outstanding, …show more content…
[Relative Value Concepts Using Multiples] The WestTek privately held venture is considering the sale of the venture to an outside buyer. WestTek has net sales = $21.2 million, EBITDA = $11.1 million, net income = $2.9 million, and interest-bearing debt = $12 million. Three publicly-traded comparable firms or competitors in the industry have the following net sales, EBITDA, net income, equity value or market capitalization (stock price times number of shares of common stock outstanding), and interest-bearing debt information:

No surplus cash is being held by WestTek or by any of the three comparable firms.

NOTE: | EastTek | $ 45,000,000 + | $ 15,000,000 = | $ 60,000,000 | SouthTek | $ 60,000,000 + | $ 20,000,000 = | $ 80,000,000 | NorthTek | $ 160,000,000 + | $ 40,000,000 = | $ 200,000,000 |

a. Calculate the enterprise value to net sales ratios for each of the three competitors (EastTek, SouthTek, and NorthTek), as well as the average ratio for the competitors.

Enterprise Value / Net Sales