Fiancial Situation Essay example

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Dessoree Smith
Grantham University
Your Financial Situation and Plans

I have learned a lot in this class when it comes to handling my financial situation. The most important thing that I have gotten from this class is about saving for my future and for my family future and that’s means a lot to me. I know now that I need to start saving now and not wait that way if something happen to me then my family will not have any worries. My financial situation right now is in very bad shape but I plan to start fixing it right away because I plan to put a little up from each of my pay check so that I will have something in my saving. I plan on paying off all my bills and make sure that I do not get into any debt that I do not need. I am going to make sure that I buy only what I need to stay within my budget and make sure that I keep my insurance paid up and look around to see if there is any that is cheaper than the one I have now.
My career goal is to get the best job that I can and I will do this by expanding my education and making sure that I have what it takes to get the best job I can with the degree that I earn. I have learned a lot from this class and will put it to use and I hope that I can help someone else that might need some advice on how to handle their financial situation. I am very glad that I had the chance to take this course because at the rate I was going I or my family might not have had the chance to make things…