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Target Audience Profile
Promoting the Fiat 500 in North America

Cheryl is a 33 year old single mother and business woman. She lives in a suburban community outside of Toronto and has a half an hour commute to work every day during rush hour. Depending on the traffic, it can take Cheryl up to 45 minutes to get her 7 year old daughter from her after school program. Cheryl lives in a semi-detached home that she owns and has an average income of $60,000 per annum. Being a single parent and commuting leaves little disposable income; as gas prices increase at the pump and property taxes and mortgages are becoming harder to afford these days. Cheryl is a trendy saleswoman for a well-respected company and presents herself as just that. She follows fashion and enjoys styling herself as well as her daughter in current trends, but is finding the gas prices to be uneconomical in her current SUV, which was a fad for young parents over the last decade, which encouraged her to purchase her ford escape in 2009.
Cheryl will be motivated to look into the features, advantages and benefits that the Fiat 500 has to offer as she is looking for a fuel efficient yet trendy, in style vehicle, and she is confident enough to stand out of the crowd, rather enjoys the attention.
Since cars are high involvement products, Cheryl will be attracted to the experiential approach to marketing that Fiat is offering and will use Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues in order to gather information when making this purchase and pricing will be highly important

Fiat 500 Brand Concept
Language helps us understand the creative effort that was made to communicate a brand identity and how such identity is interpreted by users whether opinion makers, trend setters or final consumers. The institutional definitive language is used by Fiat in all communications related to the launch of the new product – communication targeted at the media as well as the potential consumer drew liberally on the mythological world of cars to create great expectations. “Undisputed leadership”; “tradition of excellence in technology, design and human capital”; “quality breakthrough”; “advanced response”; “total freedom”; “a funny, functional, environmental-friendly, accessible, lovable, fascinating, extraordinary car”; “a jewel”; “a real asset” – these are only a few of the expressions used by the company, which we quote here to show the use of the above-mentioned approach.

FAB Analysis

Features | Perceptible, Imperceptible, Induced | Advantages | Benefits | Fiat Multi-Air | Imperceptible | Allows the Fiat 500 engine to be tuned for good midrange torque, particularly at part throttle operation | Increases the “fun to drive” factor. The car always feels 'punchy' and ready to go | Cylinder Block Engine | Imperceptible | Based on a ground breaking design originating more than twenty-five years agobead of sealant between the bedplate and engine block | delivers as many smiles per mile as miles per gallonprevents oil leaks | Fuel Efficiency | Perceptible | Based on 15000 miles a year fuel costs are $2000/year, which is less than $200/month | Saves the customer money and saves the environment from emissions and gas pollutions | Heating and ventilation system | Induced | environmentally friendly with lower CO2 emissions | providing the performance needed for North American climate extremes | Bose Audio system | Perceptible | 6 speakers and a subwoofer allows for a higher base level and clear sound | Increases the “fun to drive” factor |
The brand identity shows the language used by the media, as a consequence, is equally definitive, which shows the effectiveness of the communication strategy they use. Reports about the car talk about “myth” and “story” – a “myth that is part of Italian history” This means that corporate communication or corporate branding in this case