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Project three essay and response
The importance of the fiber arts in Egypt At some time before 25,ooo B.C.E. humans beings learned that you could produce long, durable and flexible strings and strands by tying together broken plant fibers. Tying and twisting ads strength, as one learns by twisting together a handful of fibers from a dead tree vine after the cold weather has dry rotted away the wood parts. The resulting string can be used in numerous ways to make life easier and more convenient. For tying things together, or tying things down, and for making snares and traps. String is probably the special tool almost unseen in the material record that allowed human beings to move, during the upper Pal Eolithic into many ecological niches they otherwise could not have handled. All human beings have used different types of string. Actual impressions of twisted plant vines and fibers and twined netting were found at Pavlov, Czech Republic, in the middle of the upper Pal Eolithic. What was left behind are already so sophisticated that the string and the snare making must have been practiced for a long time, maybe going back as far when art was being made in caves. Bone needles and beads have also been found across Europe and have been found in increasing numbers. New ideas and new string technology have been traced back to the beginning of plants and animals in the Near East at the beginning of the Neolithic, evidence for fiber art increases greatly because the newly