The Voice Of Women In Literature

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What is the different voice that woman (as writers and/or characters) bring to our literature and what is that voice telling us?

ACTUALLY, THIS IS SIMPLER: what is the voice that women bring to literature telling us and HOW are they telling us? in other words, consider telling me how they express their message AFTER you tell me what the message is. HOW usually refers to literary elements (setting, structure, theme, point of view, conflict, mood, tone etc.) and literary techniques (simile, imagery, alliteration, personification, symbolism, irony, etc.)

• You must use at least three works from the list above, one of which must be a poem, to argue your point. ( One can be in the introduction or conclusion, such as a song or art work)
• Feel free to use quotes or references from all or any of the works and feel free to use the art work and songs that we have encountered.
• You will do your writing in class, so you must be concise and prepared.
• You can come to class with an outline in which you have placed your quotes. You must have at least two quotes.
• Please limit the amount of analysis on your outline; please maximize the structure and arguments or premises in your outline.
• You should devise a strong thesis or argument that addresses the question above.
• You will hand in your outline along with your writing.
• A good outline (and paper) need only have two parts:
▪ I) What two things are different; II)What (2 points) is it saying
▪ I) Why or how the