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The genre of my short story has the specific genre of mystery/supernatural. It is intended to make the reader be totally consumed within the text building suspension and mystery towards the climax at the end.
The short story genre of mystery/supernatural is reflected in the use of a series of simple sentences such as “maybe an occult.” And thought processes by using narrative voice in first person “. As I walked I wondered if I should tell him about the encounter I had come across last night” this is used to create suspense and a connection between the reader and the character. Which is similar to the book “The vampire diaries” which uses attributive adjectives in the same way to create a sense of confusion and mystery in first person "I know it’s not... not good manners to say it, but I don’t care. I know I should be grateful to you for saving me tonight, but I don’t care about that, either. I didn`t ask you to save me. I don’t know why you were even in the graveyard in the first place. And I certainly don’t understand why you did it, considering the way you feel about me." (Chapter 08, p.090) this was Elena thinking about what she was going to day. This creates the bond between the reader and the character and makes the reader empathize with the character and that they are in fact there with the character in the story? The genre I have engages the reader, the voice of the character is represented by their thought process so that the reader feels like they are being directly addressed and in the head of the main protagonist “New day new worries I thought, as I walked out of the door to meet my best friend, in Soho for a coffee. As I walked I wondered if I should tell him about the encounter I had come across last night, if I should maybe run a few ideas by him, or would he think I was crazy!”, which creates a strong bond therefore the reader will feel for the character.
The narrative voice I created helped to develop my character in terms of her thought processes and the way in which she thinks about her day to day activities and debates with herself about her oncoming tasks. The narrative voice gives a strong sense of who the character is and her opinions and feelings about certain incidents and her view on day to day life. “This was my friend’s theory. And it seemed a lot more rational ”The lexis used is mostly descriptive with the use of complex and simple sentences to create deeper more complex thought processes as the character carries out her daily activities. There is not much speech in my short story, it is from first person view point of my character and the story and character develops from her perspective as though the reader is in her head listening to her own narration of what she is doing and what she thinks about it. This creates a chatty register that is informal and allows the reader to connect with her.
The theme of my story are murder, the lexis I have used creates a sense of confusion and isolation it makes the character seem isolated and really sets the theme for murder