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It is quite annoying when you read a book and when it is released as a movie they change your favorite scenes. In 2006 Carter Smith released a short movie called BugCrush that was based on the short story Scott Treleaven wrote. The story is about a young men who is not fully open with his sexuality besides with his few close friends. While battling his own little demons he meets a new transfer student named Grant that he instantly becomes fascinated with. Grant is a new transfer student that just came to his high school, he is a person that doesn’t want to fit in with the rest of the crowd at his high school. After reading the novel by Scott Treleavan , and then watching the movie I have come to realize that there are some differences. Some characters in the book are portrayed differently than they are in the movie. The way some characters are represented from novel are different in the movie. For example, Ben was represented as very thin built character “Unlike Ben, who had been refining a half-starved look since the eighth grade” (23) but in the movie Ben did not look anything like it was described in the story. Although his character descriptions are different from the story to the movie, overall character acting was similar to the character from the story. Another character that I was shocked to see in the movie was Shannon, in the story they do not give him much description but when you see him in the movie he looks like a complete psychopath, but I do believe that kind of character look was needed for this movie. Overall reading the story it did not feel scary at all but watching the second half of the movie did really turn this novel into a creepy horror movie. In the movie there has been some scenes that are missing as well as some scene that we did not really get from reading the story. One of the scene that is missing form the story is at middle of page 25 when Ben is having his sexual fantasies about Grant, I believe Smith took this scene out because he did not want to turn this genre of the movie only being about LGB drama but also wanted to make it more creepy and mysterious by adding another scenes like the one when they are driving to Grants house in Bens car. The scene when they are driving to Grants house was not really mentioned much in the story but in the movie it is very much the big transition phase of the movie. It became the turning