Fiction and Topic Sentence Essay

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Literary Analysis Essay Overview

Review your literary analysis packet, the sample essay I gave you (Lord of the Flies), the powerpoint which includes more examples, and any other handout you received on lit. analysis writing. Most of these are on the website.

1. “Empty” language Examples
a. “The use of literary devices reveals the deeper meaning of the story and highlights the theme.” State the theme and the deeper meaning you have uncovered!
b. “Themes play a powerful role in “The Scarlet Ibis”
c. This simile illuminates the meaning of the story.
d. Literary devices such as foreshadowing and metaphors illustrate the theme throughout the text
2. Contractions—don’t=do not, isn’t=is not etc.
3. Unclear Sentences—If a sentence ever seems unclear, ambiguous,
4. Comma Splice—when a comma is used in place of a period or semicolon connecting two independent clauses.
a. We went home today, we are tired.
i. We went home today. We are tired. OR We went home today and we are tired.
5. Personal Pronouns—“you, us, we, they, I” continue to be overused in writing. You may use an impersonal pronoun such as “one”
a. In this short story, one develops a deeper understanding of the battle raging between love and pride.

I. Introduction
a. Basic Structure follows
i. Engaging Opening—should directly relate to essay ii. Summary of Text—a basic overview of the plot which includes the TAG (Title, Author, Genre) line. Should be two lines in length. Usually the TAG line includes all three elements in the same line…James Hurst’s short story, “The Scarlet Ibis” iii. Thesis: What your entire paper will ARGUE. Every line of your body paragraphs should be connected to your thesis.
b. Thesis: You were asked to analyze one or two literary devices in relation to a theme.

Sample Thesis Statements
Weak Example
Strong Example
1. Do not state that a literary device reveals a theme.

2. When asked to write a thesis connecting literary devices to theme, DO not write specifically about the text. Remember a theme is a universal insight that can be applied to many works of literature.

Hurst’s use of symbolism and imagery reveal the deeper theme in the story.
State the theme! This is considered an “empty” statement.

In this short story, Hurst employs diction and imagery to show how much Brother loves Doodle, but could be mean to him also.
A theme is not specific to the text.
James Hurst utilizes figurative language and symbolism to exemplify how love and pride can bear the seed of cruelty and destruction. A solid thesis because writer answers prompt and connects two literary devices to a THEME.

Weak Introduction:
In Hurst’s the Scarlet Ibis, Doodle and Brother play together, but Brother can be mean. Brother wants Doodle to be perfect. Throughout the story, Hurst employs imagery and diction to convey the theme of the story and ultimately Brother realizes that he loves Doodle.
This does not begin with an engaging opening—a broad, idea, quote or quotation that prepares the reader for the argument you will set forth in your paper. The writer should include a TAG lines that includes the author’s full name, the title in quotes because it is a short story, and the genre—a short story. The author does not explain a basic 2 sentence plot line with appositives identifying Doodle and Brother. The thesis is weak because writer does not specify the theme. This intro also lacks flow and logic. Compare to the next paragraph.

Strong Introduction:
Why is love often challenged by true hatred? When does pride for oneself end and selfless love begin? James Hurst poses these questions in his emotional short story “The Scarlet Ibis,” a tale that chronicles the challenging journey between two brothers, Doodle and Brother, the narrator. Brother’s younger brother, Doodle, has been disabled since birth. While he has always loved his brother, Brother constantly is