Fiction Develop the World Essay

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Nasser A Alhamed
Professor Diane Zoell
English 100
29 September 2014
Fiction Develop the World
Who does not like fiction? Many people nowadays like to read and watch made-up story books and movies. It brings to them pleasure and happiness. On the other hand some, other people think that fiction is more harmful than it is beneficial and has side effects. They believe it is responsible for violence and misbehaviour like increasing the crime rates. They are afraid because it may harm the brain and is responsible for obesity since they set for a long time. However, fiction is good because it can bring new experience, urge imagination and innovation, and bring kindness among people.
First, fiction is an extraordinary marvel because it makes viewers experience new things. According to Kate Taylor (2011), fiction can make viewers experience new thing in a “safe place” (Taylor). She compared a flight simulator to fiction because in flight simulation pilots train how to control a plane under similar circumstances that they might face in actual flying. Another example could be found in the TV series, Lost. The story revolves around a plane crashes on an isolated island from the world. The survivors of the crash learn how to cooperate with each other to face challenges and difficulties. They adapt to a new life by hunting wild animals, building camps, exploring the island, and finding supplies to maintain life. Even though the show is fiction, it displays real events. It teaches viewers as an example how to hunt and build a camp. Viewers are able to learn how to cooperate and survive as a group in the wilderness. Therefore, made-up stories bring and teach the readers and viewers new experience in a safe mode.
Second, fiction is useful because it is associated with imagination and innovation. For example, watching fiction stories can make the brain more active. According to Taylor, professor Oatley proved from several studies that fiction can activate the brain and create mental and modal images of actors. For instance, in House of Cards, an American political TV series, the main character, who is Frank Underwood, is a house major whip. He has a very strong personal charisma in the White House. In the show, Underwood plays a very effective role in making decisions and passing bills. It shows how he eliminates his opponents one by one to reach his goal, which is to become the president of the United State of America. The show displays to the viewers how smart politicians are and what qualities and personalities are to be a leader. Therefore, viewers would be able to use these fictional characters as examples in practice. Furthermore, according to Nicholas Lydia (2013), she said that science fiction, which is a category of fiction, “predicts the future technologies” (Lydia) For instance, Lydia said that the US Navy ignored a patent for 20 years of “a method of secure communication” (Lydia). They underestimated Hollywood works because they did not believe that they could invent something like that. Therefore, fiction can help viewers find their characters and provide new notions for innovation.
Third, fiction is good because it makes people more tolerant to each other; according to Jonathan Gottschall (2012). He mentioned that fiction can “mold us,” and added that studies have proven that fiction can be “more effective at changing beliefs”