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A day, a day was all it took. the sky was alight with explosions, colorful and caustic, and the ground was littered with the carcasses of the fallen stars. Like a warzone, artillery shells burst at his feet as he flew by. Levi walked down a cold, illuminated alley, eyes fixed on a descending star that surely would be gone by morning. His cold indifference was obvious, but the onlookers who had flooded the streets payed little attention to the single meloncholy youthful man who took little notice at the world changing events unfolding in front of him. Levi walked onwards still, nothing would impeed his journey.
Wading through the masses, some on their knees in prayer, some standing in awe, even a few laying flat, eyes afixed on the sky, he slowly trudged forward, eventually coming to a main road, with a plethora of shops littered on the roadside. From the corner of his eye he saw an unnatural movement, and whispers found their way through his ears through the cacophony of sound surrounding him. Dry whispers that made no human language of which he knew, yet the sense of urgency he had been feeling was erased, and the whispers lead him to a small coffee shop, of which there was only one barista.
"Ah, a customer! Want to get in one last cup of coffee before the world ends, eh?" asked the solo server, but as levis grim face lay unchanged, the barista spoke on. "Hey kid, I was only kidding. This, this is nothing. Just a little firework show. C'mon, i was only poking a little fun at the situation."
"Then why is this place empty? And why are you the only one server still here? Maybe this is the end. But if it is or isn't, i have a meeting that i plan on keeping. one cup of whatevers on brew. and throw in a shot of vanilla. If it is the end of the world, then i think i deserve to indulge myself a little." Levi chuckled, and the barista lightened up a little, but he would not feel comfortable until finally he had made the drink and the man had finally walked off in search of his meeting. The customer had seemed so plain, average height, average facial features, but something was off with him. The barista had sensed it when he had chuckled. It was a forced chuckle, of someone who obviously wasn't happy. But he had left a ten dollar tip, so maybe he wasn't all bad.
Levi wandered into the farthest table to the back, next to a window that showered him with flashes of light. After a few minutes of sipping the bitter coffee, a young woman appeared, and ordered her drink. After it was made, she walked towards levi, and the two embraced in the quick hug of past lovers. She was dressed in her normal apparel, jeans, a plain colored shirt and a jacket, but something about her was different. As the two sat down, Levi asked," So, this is it then? The news?"
"Yes," Olivia replied, " I guess it's best to come right out with it. Me and David are getting married. In two months."
Instantly Levi realized what was different, A gaudy ring like that should have been easier to spot. "So, my brother finally did it. I'm happy for you both." He looked down at his empty cup, not completely stunned by the news, but still in a state of shock. His brother, who he had seen very little of in the past few years, and his ex girlfriend. She had been his life, and after three years she left him, claiming he was a danger to himself.
Her eyes darted around the room as she spoke up again," David didn't want to invite you, but I told him I want you there. Please, I would really appreciate it if you came. I know David misses you, he's just to stubborn to admit it."
"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Smiled Levi, and for once, he actually meant his smile. "It's getting late, and with this commotion going on outside, I think it would be best we both get going. For now the crowds are awe struck, but crowds are finicky, and can change at any moment. I would hate to get caught up in a riot, or worse." Before she could respond, he got up and collected his jacket, and…