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World Literature: Fictional Analysis

Title/Author of the book:

The title of the book is All Quiet on the Western Front. The author of this book is Erich Maria Remarque. The meaning of the title of this book is basically what the title reads. It takes place on the Western Front of the German side of World War I. The front here is the front lines of the section of the war between Germany and the French and the British. And the quiet implied in the title is kind of opposite to its meaning. Nothing is ever quiet on the front. When the title is mentioned in the end of the book, it is a little ironic how Paul dies when everything is quiet.


This book takes place in many places. Mainly, it takes place on the front lines of Germany's, the losing army, front line. Almost entirely on the battlefield of the war. The troops are almost always moving back and forth from different bases. The bases almost always involve comfort. For the troops, time spent in the camps usually means finding and stealing some geese to eat or chatting about how stupid and meaningless the war is. Paul's, the main character, home is heaven compared to life on the front. His old bedroom is quiet, soft, and mostly personal. There, he finds a comfortable bed, books, and food. However, Paul now feels out of place at home and grows to miss his "family" of soldiers, even with the amenities comforts and beer of his hometown. There is also a good amount of hospital settings in this novel. Everytime Paul is about to finally reach a safe place, he finds unwelcoming news in these hospitals. They are not safe operations. Whether it's a hospital near the front lines, a spotless train-hospital staffed by Red…