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Michael Fidanza
Leadership Research Essay
I001 Fall 14
Leadership and Management 312
16 Dec. 2014

There are many different leadership styles that can describe how someone does their job and is viewed by their peers, weather they are higher in rank or authority, or even beneath you in the ladder. There are many traits in which people successfully perform, while other ones are lacking, and aren’t essential to complete success for them. There are those who even balance. There are multiple traits of mine that are predominant when it comes to how I function, but there is one style of leadership that sticks out when it comes to how I actually perform. Some of these distinguished leadership traits I have are that I am a thinker, a problem solver, and am somewhat reserved in my thoughts and actions rather than giving them out and sharing. I have reasons for what I do and I use my reasoning accordingly depending on the task at hand. In addition to knowing what is right (the majority of the time), I also take the time to listen to others and use their opinions to better what I do for the team and how they can be applied to what I am trying to get done as a whole. In other words, I am pretty open-minded. The other forms of leadership style contain the skills approach, and the situational approach to an extent but can actually be improved in many aspects of my job performance. The general grading rubric I have given myself to come to this conclusion would be the feedback of my higher up and superior officer/non-commissioned officers. The style approach is one approach I use when I perform at my job and the many aspects of which it contains. I find this to be the most flexible of the approaches, styles, and theories that currently exist. This essay will describe my leadership in terms of the style approach containing two general behaviors; task behaviors, and relationship behavior. This paper will also include how I believe I can improve my leadership style and quality when it comes to obtaining or improving other leadership styles available to me as a whole. The best leadership style to describe my leadership is the styles approach. This is because it contains the two behaviors that I perform in order to maintain good leadership role and position. In this style, there are both task behaviors and relationship behaviors. This leadership style fits me best due to the fact that it isn’t just one organized style. It is task and relationship oriented when it comes to leading. (Northouse) Compared to the skills approach, situational approach. And the contingency approach, I feel that some of these approaches have gaps in them that miss key points in covering the basis for a mission complete and full proof plan for success. These are all great traits when it comes to leadership, but would be more useful if they were combined into one. The two behaviors my ideal leadership style is composed of are task behaviors, and relationship behaviors. Task behaviors are composed of processes that accommodate those who are success orientated and are looking to win it. When there is an achievement within the group, it is best that there is a positive award set as reinforcement when it comes to bringing a group up for success. It has been proven that this kind of behavior is welcome in classrooms today to promote a more self-reliant student(s) on achievement and success when it comes to ones personal success (Moore) The second behavior within my leadership style is relationship behavior. This is a behavior that results in everyone under my leadership style feeling comfortable not only with being around and working with others, but also feeling comfortable with themselves. (Northouse) There has been studies that prove there is more productivity when everyone agrees with one another and is able to put their differences aside to make profit for the company rather than themselves. (Kamp) Without emotional stability along with