Fidget Spinners: A Short Story

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Locker Knobs or Fidget Spinners
The hallways, people opening lockers, people closing lockers, people rushing to get to their classes like there is no tomorrow. The hallways are filled with many different people trying to complete different tasks. But one boy stares at his locker like it is written in another language. He spins the knob like it is a fidget spinner trying to put all the numbers in correctly. We’ve all seen that kid at school struggling to open their locker, being late to class and being yelled at by their teacher. One probably doesn’t think twice about it and just keep walking. Later, the same kid walks into class five minutes late. All the kids in the class stare the kid down making them feel like fresh meat ready to be eaten by some vultures. The teacher asks, “Why are you late today?”
The boy simply answers, “I don't know how to open my locker and I need someone to help me.” The whole class breaks out in laughter making the boy feel conscience-stricken. Well, this whole thing has probably happened to a friend. On the third day of fifth grade, things are starting to settle down, a friend still can't open their locker. They would ask for help but it may make them seem doltish to do so. Instead they keep spinning that knob, hoping they will be able to open that locker before it is too late.
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Milan Engineer and Rayan Patel experienced something similar to this recently. Milan stated, “There was a seventh grader who was new to the school and couldn't speak English very well. Rayan and I went and asked the kid if he wanted help. The seventh grader said that he did not need any help. We turned around as the bell rang and went to help the kid. We asked ‘What is your locker combination?’ He showed us the paper. He didn't know how to say some of the numbers in English. Rayan put in the combination. I the twisted the knob and the locker