Field Reflection Essay

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As I look forward to the challenges of my field placement I have several concerns about my ability to succeed not only in my field placement but as a social worker in general. The first issue is that I feel because of recent life events that I have faced, I may not be ready for the additional stress and challenges taking on. The second issue that I feel I will have to overcome is my current physical limitations. Regardless of how debilitating my personal life feels and the physical pain I feel; I am driven to succeed. The last part of 2015 became very trying for me because of divorce, I had to battle trying to succeed in school, while constantly dealing with harassing behavior from my ex-wife and her family. For example, I answered the door …show more content…
During Desert Storm on a weapons load we dropped a 1000-pound bomb during loading I injured my back trying to catch the bomb before it hit the flight deck. I have spent years neglecting any surgery in fears that once my back was cut open the problems would get worse. I just finished my second back surgery six weeks ago and I am still healing from that. Consequently, I also have a torn rotator cuff and a fractured talus in my ankle, which both are awaiting surgical intervention. I was able to express my concerns about my physical limitations during my interview for field placement. Even though it seems too challenging for me the field supervisor stated they were willing to help me achieve my field placement goals. I have to attempt to not focus on the limitations I have and be willing to accept the accommodations the field placement is offering to succeed. Although, one would think the accommodations are great, I feel it takes away from my ability. I have spent a great deal of time working on overcoming pain limitations and accepting compromise. I have been very self-sufficient for a long time and have always been able to fix most things, now I have to be willing to adjust my thinking to realize accommodations benefit me and I am not weaker because of those. I will reflect each week on how I have been able to overcome physical barriers placed on me. Once again, I will focus on the power of positive