Field Trip Essay

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Field Trip

People often have trips to natural centres with many different reasons. Many people want to go there to discover the beauty of nature. The others like to have time outside, simply to organize a birthday party or go camping. On November 11th, 2014, our English class had a trip to Armand Bayou – the Nature Centre in the Clear Lake Area. The trip gave us memories and many real lessons. Firstly, visiting this nature center, it made me think of my homeland, the rural areas in Vietnam. Many things which we saw were similar to in Vietnam, such as the wet land, forest, Martyn Farm, the Pole Barn, many simple machines, work instruments and a lot of furniture in Hanson House. However, what we saw here are far from us hundreds of years. All of these above seem to tell me that the life of the people living here were so hard and laborious. They were also intelligent and clever with their hands. Most of the achievements that our generation has gained today are found on our ancestors’ basic foundation. This also gave me a lesson how to show consideration for value of working. Besides, some tour guides told us about the history of the Nature Center, may kinds of plants, wild animals and especially the daily works there. Once more I admire the people who are working and serving in this center. I like the style of the tour guides. They were nice and enthusiastic. There are still more other people working in silent that we did not see. In addition, we were not only heard about