Fieldwork Assignment

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1st Fieldwork Assignment

The organization I chose to visit and volunteer in is called DC Central Kitchen. The reason for why I chose this organization is because of the two main issues this organization seeks to address; which are combating hunger and creating career opportunities within our community. DC Central Kitchen focuses on targeting low-income and at-risk neighborhoods; whom are unemployed people from our community that are looking to replace homelessness, addiction, and incarceration with new careers. DC Central Kitchen was founded in 1989 they have prepared more than 25 million meals for low-income and at-risk neighborhoods in Washington DC. According to DC Central Kitchen’s mission statement their goal is to use food as a tool to strengthen our community.
Dc Central Kitchen definitely addresses many issues that in one way or another helps strengthen our society to be a better one by helping those low-income and at risk neighborhoods with providing them with prepared meals every day and also by offering rigorous Culinary Job Training programs for unemployed people from our community who are looking to replace homelessness, addiction, and incarceration with new careers. One of the toughest challenges ex-convicted offenders face after getting out of prison is unemployment. Most companies do not want to give them an opportunity to work and because of this; these offenders commit crimes again. As a consequence, they go back to jail and the government has to spend thousands of dollars to keep them imprisoned. According to article “Downsizing Maryland's prisons” in Maryland, the state's prison population has tripled to more than 22,000, at a cost of more than $783 million a year”. That is why the work Dc Central Kitchen is doing in our community is so important, since they are helping the community a great deal by providing these ex-convicted offenders the opportunity of creating a career for themselves to live a good and healthy life, one that will help them as human beings and will also help our country as a whole. It