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Fieldwork – 1800 word limit * Issue * Debate * Unresolved * Discussion * Argue * Right justified, 1.5 line spacing * Microcosm of Public Opinion * Images you take and annotate (15/10) * Smart Art

Page One – Title Page * Sace Number * Image (gotten self, “My Fieldwork Image”) * Word Count * Aim: To investigate some of the issues
(in relation to the construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital adjacent to the western end of North Terrace)

Page Two - Contents Page * Acronyms (?) * Introduction * Evaluation of Methodology * Integrated Report * Fieldwork Solutions based on the Integrated Report * Evaluation of Fieldwork Solutions * My ranked and evaluated fieldwork solutions

Page Three - Acronyms Page
Disclaimer – This fieldwork was completed by July 31 according to school requirements. Any developments after that date with this fieldwork cannot be taken into consideration.

Page Four – Introduction
To explore some of the issues in relation to the construction of the new Adelaide Hospital. This paper will discuss the complications and benefits of relocation and construction.

These two quote

* Google Map * Primary evidence from Survey Respondents (both positive and negative) * Personal fieldwork observation and calculation

Page Five – Google Maps
The New Site – Vertical Aerial View * Shows North * Current tram stop * Got an image and annotated the picture

The current situation – Oblique aerial photograph

Page Six – Evaluation of Methodology
Method used – Observations
Prove firsthand information
Clearly shows area of interest
Provides a sense of place

Open to observer bias
History of area of interest cannot be accurately tracked to provide precise information


Page Seven – Evaluation of Methodology
Method Used – Internet


Page Eight – Integrated Report
A controversial issue has arisen as a consequence of the relocation of the RAH. Public opinion is divided as a result of this dispute. To analyse the pie chart

Page Nine –