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Hero’s Journey Fight Club
1. The World Of Common Day­ Tyler sells soap and is constantly flying city to city. He seems to have to perfect life but, he is not satisfied.
2. The Call to Adventure­ He meets the narrator who later calls himself Jack in an airplane. His world seems to have crumbled and it seems like a perfect opportunity for
Tyler to start something. Tyler has always done the same thing; selling soap and constant travelling why not take this opportunity to change this?
3. Refusal of Call­Tyler has his soap business which is going pretty good. He does not want anything to change since he is making good money, is attractive, and everything
Jack is not. When he is drinking with Jack he realizes how Jack can impact his life.
4. Meeting with the Mentor­ Tyler meets Jack in an airplane. He sees how they are so different and how they can balance each other out. When Jack calls Tyler seeking his help Tyler is shocked and doesn’t refuse. In the bar he realizes how important Jack could be in his life and therefore they decide to live together.
5. Crossing the First Threshold­ The first fight with Jack (the narrator) is when Tyler realizes how something so simple can change somebody.
6. Test, Allies and Enemies­ He establishes Fight Club where many others like him and
Jack want to experience something euphoric. Both, Tyler and Jack set a series of rules which includes members not talking about Fight Club.
7. Approach to the Inmost Cave­ Project Mayhem is a philosophy where aside from fighting in the basement members must do stunts such as vandalism and destruction.
8. The Supreme Ordeal­ Increasing power position with Project Mayhem
9. Reward­ Seizing the Prize­ Tyler has power and control, why should he change anything in his life? Everything is going as he plans which is perfect for him.
10. The Road Back­ Marla is a weakness. In order for Fight Club to continue happening