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Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Protagonist: Narrator
Antagonist: Tyler Durden
I thought Fight Club was entertaining. I felt a bit sorry for the narrator because of his situation with his insomnia. I didn’t really like Tyler’s character because I thought he was too controlling and too angry at the world. I was shocked when I read that both characters were one person. It was a great twist. I would recommend this to guys mostly because I think the majority of girls I know wouldn’t appreciate it as much. A theme in the novel is that we should stop buying what we don’t need.
“‘It’s only after you’ve lost everything,’ Tyler says, that you’re free to do anything.’” –
The quote is from when Tyler was showing the narrator how to make soap, while talking about hitting bottom. This is important because a recurring theme in the novel is consumerism. Tyler even told the narrator that the things we own should not own us.
Also, Project Mayhem members were only supposed to bring necessities to participate.
Tyler wanted them all to be simple. With losing everything, we would be free to do whatever we want because we can’t lose anything more since we already have nothing.
Lesson Learned
The first thing I learned is that I don’t have to buy more things to make me happier. In the book, it says that people think that they have to have stuff to be important.

I also learned that life is short, and we shouldn’t wait for tomorrow to live our lives.
Finally, I learned that we are all the same…