Fight Club And Gilgamesh Essay

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Women, Gods, and Soap? Oh My!
While the epic of Gilgamesh and fight club are every similar to each other, fight club takes the story one step further by complicating the relationship between the hero and the antihero in fight club. Rather than the two characters being doppelgängers of each other created by the gods, the more modern approach of a split personality was taken in fight club. This made relationships with Marla, Bitch Tits, and everyone else in the world of fight club, even more difficult to understand and follow when compared to the basic relationships of the epic of Gilgamesh. Both antihero’s serve to guide the hero of the story to a grayer path rather than the black and white life of a hero and villain.
Women are always blamed for the downfall of men. In the epic of Gilgamesh, it was the whore that contaminated Gilgamesh’s doppelgänger, Enkidu.
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His life is as bland as his wardrobe choices. Whereas Gilgamesh is one third man and two thirds god, he is the strongest man alive and king of Uruk. He is an oppressive king who gets whatever he wants until his other half comes into the picture to even him out.
The other halves effect their counterparts in almost opposite ways. The narrator is kind of a loser in his world and meeting his other half makes him a leader, gets him laid, and gives his life meaning. On the other hand, Gilgamesh is made less of a tyrant by his other half and is shown the importance of mankind’s mortality. Gilgamesh is not looked kingly by his people because of his habits of taking newlywed brides on their wedding night and blood thirsty nature. However, this all changes when he meets his dop, he finally meets someone that he can consider his equal which in term changes him into a better person for a