Fight Club and Tyler Durden Essay example

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Sentha Saravanabavan
Ms. Marsh
January 8 2012

With power comes great responsibility as society would say it; however, to gain power one must take a stand against those who step on the lower society. The novel, fight club by
Chuck Palahniuk, displays how power is achieved and brought up by total dominance of the lower class. After analyzing how the power and dominance is achieved, it is evident that in order to achieve it in the social structure, there must be a solid leader, devoted followers and circumstances that lead and cause to achieve the will of dominance. In order to achieve the will of dominance, a committed and powerful leader is crucial. In order to be a powerful leader; they need to have good qualities of leadership. In the novel of powerful dictatorship, Fight Club, Tyler Durden, being a good and strong leader, can achieve personal power and dominance. Many see the leaders right before their eyes as they triumph over a victory they have achieved also others may have impersonated leaders mentally and projecting it themselves. As close as a friend the narrator is with Tyler Durden, even when “[his] words carry right out [his] mouth.” (Palahniuk 98) Not only do they impersonate the leader but also “admire[s] what [he’s] doing [as he] makes [himself] the homework assignment.”
(Palahniuk 187) Tyler Durden displays how a good leader functions in an orderly manner and with great qualities and skills he carries dictatorship to a tremendous expectation. Though, qualities of being a good leader also carry the ability to make good decisions, and the ability to prioritize his goals. Tyler Durden, a solid leader, believes sacrifice delivers importance in a Saravanabavan 2

nonprofit organization. He believes “without sacrifice, [they] would have nothing.” (Palahnuik
78) Since it is a key quality to achieve power over higher part of society, it’s also an essential when developing dominance with sacrifice as Tyler Durden “[makes it] secure by the [choice of] sacrifice of a natural white man.” (Barker 1) A great leader can bring an army to a higher social structure where also with dictatorship, Tyler Durden can bring order and social structure when personal power is achieved and that’s where a solid leader steps up. As Tyler is a strong leader and he carries out his rule through Fight Club, the effectiveness of the leader highly depends on his column of support, the followers. Finding devoted fearless brigades, there has to be a cause to stand behind Tyler Durden. That cause has been discovered when Tyler explains to the commissioner “the people [that they] step on [they are] everyone [they] depend on [,] [they] are middle children of history.” (Palahnuik 166) As the lower class society transforms justice took its course and as a leader steps up the followers also rise up with Tyler Durden. Yet as being devoted as they are, the amount of loyalty and respect for Tyler they project devoutness throughout their journey beside their leader. Devotion is also another form to achieve power which is delivered and perceived through Fight Club. The Supporters display a sample of devotion as they “admire [at] what’s [he’s] doing” also communicating their loyalty when they say “[he’s] a brave man to make himself the homework assignment.” (Palahnuik 187) As Tyler Durden stands strong, the followers stand at the same level as their leader. Devotion and admiration from the supporters is a benefit for dominance in the social structure as power increases. They are influenced to show devotion by not only the way they are perceived but also the societal roles in which they are cast (the lower class) “as Saravanabavan 3 they ever were by the corporate civilization from which [Tyler] is to rescue them.” (Crowdus 1) With devoted and fearless army, power is easily gained and the goal for total dominance is a step away from a new