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Fight Club
Movie Paper

By John Prus

February 7, 2015

In the movie, “Fight Club,” the narrator is suffering from depression, insomnia, and split personality disorder. He works at an automobile company that travels to different cities making claims of defective cars. The narrator is unsatisfied with his place in the world, working for a big company and feeling no reward, which fills the void with decorating his apartment. He visits the doctor because he is unable to sleep, describing it as painful, which the doctor tells him to visit a support group to see what real pain other people are going through. He finds an emotional release that temporarily relieves his insomnia. Attending support groups on a regular basis, he encounters Marla, an impostor just like him, which her presents disturbs him, causing his insomnia to return. They negotiate the days in which they can go to meetings without the other one present.
Returning from one of his business flights, the narrator encounters Tyler, a soap salesman, who become friends. When the narrator approaches his apartment, he sees a fire in his unit which he later finds out is was from an explosion. With nowhere to go he calls the salesman, which is encouraged to go to the bar. After drinking a couple of pitchers of beer and talking, the conversation leads into the narrator to stay at Taylor’s house permanently. Tyler requests that the narrator to punch him, which later leads to having a fist fight every weekend in the parking lot.
As people begin to notice, others begin to volunteer to fight and ends up in the bars basement.
Marla calls the narrator and tells him that see overdosed on pills, but ignores her rambling, leaving the phone line open which is pick up by Tyler. He goes to her apartment, which they hear police sirens, assuming the are coming for her they go to Tyler’s house, which leads them becoming sexually involved.

As the story progresses, Tyler creates fight clubs around the country without the narrators knowledge, later becoming a terrorist group called, “Project Mayhem,” who demolish properties and create havoc. The narrator wants more control of the group, but is denied by Tyler, which mysteriously disappears. One member from the project is killed during an operation, which leads the narrator in search for Tyler, in hopes of ending the organization. The narrator travels to cities that Tyler has been. In his search he comes across on of the project managers who greets him as
Tyler. Right after, the narrator calls Marla, who also refers to him as Tyler. When he hangs up the phone he sees Tyler in his room, which explains to him that he has a split personality and that
Tyler is the one who does everything the narrator is afraid of doing. Every time the narrator has fallen asleep, Tyler has been controlling his body.
When the narrator wakes up from a black out, he realizes that Tyler made a set number of calls. The narrator finds out that Tyler is going to destroy the credit card companies records to erase all debt. When the narrator contacts the police, he is put in an interview were her realizes the officers are members of the project. After escaping he goes to one of the credit companies to try to disarm the bomb. He is encountered by Tyler, which get into a fist fight after the narrator disarms one of the ten bombs. The narrator ends up getting thrown down some stairs, which becomes unconscious, resulting in Tyler being in control. When the narrator wakes up, he is held by gun point by Tyler. Realizing that they share the same body the narrator puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. This results in Tyler dying with a bullet going through his head, but the narrator had the gun aimed towards his cheek, resulting in him killing Tyler while being alive. At the end of the movie, the group members bring Marla to him believing it to be Tyler.

The narrator ask them to leave, he and Marla end up looking at the credit card companies collapsing. In the movie