Essay on Fighting for an Education

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Title: Fighting for an Education
Reporter: Joanna Tavia
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The article “Fighting for an Education” is based on life risking story of a young Afghanistan women Malalai, who fought for her educational rights and how she managed to help her household with the education she was provided despite the devastation downfall of the women rights during the Taliban rule.

This article made me realize how educational right was such an important aspect of life and how the smallest skills we learn can help us in so many dimensions in real life experience. Malalai, a young Afghanistan female, did not have education in her life for the women’s rights in Afghanistan have demolished during the Taliban rule, so, rural for villages, school within distance was recommended. But for Malalai, who did not have the advantage of having a convenient distance from her local school to her home, prohibiting her to attend school, and possibly a proportion of her fathers death in a bomb blast which also caused her to stay home and help her mother with her small tailoring business. Without the education provided in school, Malalai had difficulty writing down the digits for the size of the customer's cloths, and for her mother, also had no education so neither of them could determine the size of their product. After Malalai convinced her mother and finally had the opportunity of accessing education Malalai and her mother learnt how to read and write and simple mathematical equations of having full knowledge of numbers, in result of their income to increased and for Malalai who has now found the lifelong advantage of education and to have a dream of being a teacher to serve her community and support her family economically. This young Afghanistan female, Malalai, got me thinking about the endless education I’m able to acquire yet how arrogant and unstable I was towards it. It got me thinking how my desire towards education was just a mere proportion of life in which could only be beneficial once the full thirteen years of schooling comes to an end. But Malalai, who only had few years of education had already improvised her skills, teaching her mother and teaching me a life long lesson of what a privilege i have with the access of education and what it can afford me and the opportunity i have to have been brought up in an environment where education is not only freedom but the life itself.

This article made me shocked as i acknowledged more in depth of how the females in Afghanistan are inferior than the males and how their life revolve around men. During the Taliban rule, women were forbid to leave the house without the escort of a