Essay on Fighting Illegal Immigration

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Christina B
Professor H
English 1
29 November 2011
Fighting Illegal Immigration There are many issues facing the world today. People in today’s society are struggling with such issues like the economy and equal rights. America is a land of opportunity. Many people want the “American Dream” where they can live in a land of freedom. But what if people get into the country the wrong way? Illegal immigration is a significant issue that needs to be fixed for America to prosper again. Seeing all the news about illegal immigration made me be more aware of how this issue is very important. America is the country where every one wants to go to at least once in their lifetime. They want to experience the culture and see how this country is able to thrive in many areas such as improving businesses and technology. Many want to get away from their homeland due to such threats like government corruption or wars in their own country. That is the reason why many come to America to keep their families safe or to better their lives. Unfortunately, some arrive illegally, often taking benefits away from U.S. citizens or those who obtained their visa the right way. Illegal immigration is a serious crime but sometimes it can be taken too far. I remember that in my junior year religion class when I was assigned to teach with a group about racism. In 2010, Arizona passed a law that allows officers to stop anyone who doesn’t seem to be part of the society. This is wrong in many levels due to the fact that it’s racial discrimination that someone doesn’t fit the “criteria”. Though it’s not right to discriminate and have prejudice towards others, we as a country need to take a step back and think about putting the citizens needs first. Today, we are living with an economy where many are losing jobs and can’t even afford to pay their mortgages or support their families. More and more people are coming into the country and are getting necessities and benefits citizens are not even receiving.
Another example is the Dream Act being recently signed in California. It allows immigrant children to receive education the same as citizens so they can have a better life. This stirred controversy since it seems like California supports illegal immigration. With all these laws and acts passing and favoring illegal immigrants, it seems as if we are letting anybody in. How about the safety for our country? Of course there are securities in airports and borders, but how about the families who are citizens? Their health, education, and jobs are diminishing and it needs to stop.
While immigration affects and separates families, we have to remember the actual citizens of the U.S. As the economy is getting weaker and about 9% of Americans are out of work, according to a recent poll made by CBS, many are struggling to support their families and pay their bills. While actual citizens are looking for jobs, there are quite few people who have jobs but are not even legal. This is a very unfair situation for the people of this country. Not only are jobs being taken away, but education and health benefits are slipping away also.
Instead of having our country being the one of the few lands that has all the basic resources needed for life, why don’t we send people to third world countries and try to make their lives better? This would benefit both sides and possibly decrease the want of going into America illegally. More jobs can be created for those who can travel, ship, and help the countries see how our country thrives on harvesting crops and building waterways to keep the land hydrated and have food growing. This will make citizens of that country to be proud of where they come from and would want to stay there.
Another beneficial help to violent filled countries are Peace Corps. They are volunteers who make goals into developing a stable economy in poor countries and helping people to understand how that Americans there