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War is a very brutal and horrific thing, William Sherman said that war is hell, he also said that only the dead have seen the end of war. Some people believe that war is just a natural form of population control, people fighting over resources and power. Every war is different, fought in differing terrain, and against differing enemies. World War 2 for example was fought partially in Africa, and partially in Europe. There are many factors that need to be thought about before a country decides to go to war.
Fighting in Iraq is extremely difficult, an insurgent is a rebel, or revolutionary, groups of these insurgents are the enemy in Iraq, and Afghanistan. These groups of insurgents fight using guerilla warfare tactics, guerilla warfare is a tactic that makes it difficult for a large military to succeed, guerilla basically means many small groups of people using military tactics to attack a larger less mobile force. In nineteen eighty seven Russia sent troops to Afghanistan to help eliminate two groups of insurgents. Ultimately the soviet forces failed, and were leaving Afghanistan by nineteen ninety seven. This was due in part to guerilla warfare, the stinger missile system, and aid including weapons, and billions of dollars from the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and others. The United States, along with its allies sent groups to train groups of insurgents who might be interested in fighting against soviet forces. Among these groups of radicals was an individual named Osama Bin Laden who later formed a group of insurgents called Al Qaeda who were blamed for the destruction of the world trade center.
The war in Iraq was started based on an act of terrorism, 911 happened December eleventh two thousand and one, terrorists hijacked four airplanes and flew them into the twin towers of the world trade center, the pentagon, and a failed attempt somewhere in Washington D.C. This resulted in a total of two thousand nine hundred and ninety six deaths, including the nineteen hijackers. It was a horrible tragedy, especially considering that the nation had never experienced such a serious act of terror. Only fifty five of the fatalities were military personnel, they were all at the pentagon. Some sort of retribution was called for, the horrific tragedy could not have gone unpunished. There were already established no fly zones over most of Iraq, before the invasion of Iraq in March of two thousand and three, the U.S. Air Force took advantage of this and destroyed a few critical instalments so that U.S. forces could sneak in undetected. War started in two thousand and three, it was believed that the president of Iraq, a man named Saddam Husain was harboring, and supporting Al Qaeda. The United States entered Iraq without declaring war, and soon had captured the president Saddam Husain, who was responsible for multiple human rights violations, he was later tried in an Iraqi court, then hanged. This caused strife between beliefs in Iraq then formed multiple insurgent groups.
United States forces then went to war with the insurgents, people who looked the same, acted the same, and seemed the same as regular Iraqis, in most cases there is no way to tell if a person on the street is or is not an insurgent until the insurgents start attacking. Imagine fighting an enemy in a foreign land where the good guys, and bad guys look the same, a wolf in a sheep’s