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Guess Who - Conflict Theory The conflict in this film was pretty obvious; Tracy's father, Percy, has an issue with her fiance, Simon, because he is a white man while they are black. Simon and Tracy, who have not told her family that he is white, go to her parents house for the weekend to celebrate their 25th anniversary. When they arrive at her parents house and they realize their daughter is with the white man, and not the black cab driver, they are speechless and experience quite the culture shock. The last thing Percy expected of his daughter was for her to bring home a white man. He had made generalizations that she would be bringing home a brilliant, successful black man that loved to play basketball. This film applies to the conflict theory because Tracy's father does not want her to love a white boy. It's almost as if he thinks its below her to date a Caucasian. It's as if Simon is not good enough. The rest of her family, who cannot hide the shock on their faces, think it is unusual. Though they put on a smile anyways and get to know Simon. They do this because they love her and accept whoever she chooses. Pretty soon they come to see that he is a good guy and his color does not matter. This is how it should be. Color is just a color; it doesn’t mean anything. It should not say who you are or whether you’re good enough or not. You should get to know a person by what's on the inside not by what's on the outside. Even though Tracy and Simon are counterculture, they cant help but love each other. They have their own values; to get married, have their own family, and just be happy with one another and they don’t plan on letting her father ruin that. Although, its common sense to know that your girlfriends father is going to be a little hostile towards you until they know that you are a good guy, but Percy cant get over the fact that Simon is white. He just thinks that this is all wrong. He even tries to take Simon to a hotel that way he wont be anywhere near Tracy. Once they realize its too late to get a hotel, he puts Simon down in the basement. Percy makes sure Simon is behaving by sleeping in the bed with him, putting locks on the door, and giving him hard looks as a form of nonverbal interactionism. Meanwhile, Simon keeps trying to make a good impression on her father. He tries to have good conversations with him but they keep going negative. He tries to be funny and make jokes, but it has the opposite effect. One day he even takes him out to lunch so they can try and bond, but it just doesn't happen. It seems that the harder Simon tries, the more Percy dislikes him. Percy can't help but think how this is not acceptable in their society. Then the big fight starts between the women and the men. Tracy finds out about Simon lying to her about quitting his job and that Percy looked into Simons credit report. She is hurt by