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English 10 Assignment Worksheet Day 7

Name: _______Abida Wali______________ Date: 7/16/2013 Value: ____/84 Fences Unit, Lesson 2 & 3

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| |Assignment Fences Monologue 2 (Troy – 2 paragraphs) (20 pts) |
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| |TROY “Then when I saw that gal . . . she firmed up my backbone. And I got to thinking that if I tried . . . I just might be able to steal second.|
| |Do you understand after eighteen years I wanted to steal second” (41) This quote pretty much reveals a dark side of troy. This is that he makes |
| |silly verdicts without thinking about the consequences. Due to the fact when Rose heard the good/bad news she freaked out and wouldn’t believe |
| |what he was saying. And also he falls in love rapidly, without thinking about it a second time. So, he fell with Alberta gal and he decided to |
| |have a baby with her without thinking of Rose feelings, or about his recent children. |
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| |Discussion Board Life Lesson – post and reply (10 pts) |
| |The life lesson that my parents passed down to me was that studying is a vital thing in life. They also, consulted me to work diligently, so I |
| |can get in a good collage. My brother was the one to experience this life lesson. The story was that my brother was unable to go to college. He |
| |didn’t go to college due to the fact that he had a vast amount of responsibilities. Also, he had a wife back in the country, my dad didn’t spoke |
| |English, so my brother had to work instead of studying because he had to make profit to support the family and pay house rents. Since then my |
| |family realized that studying is more critical than anything else. |
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| |Assignment 1st Draft: Autobiographical/Biographical Narrative (Completion Grade: Draft Hook, Intro Paragraph, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion) (10 |
| |pts) |
| |Have you ever been on the sidewalk? Yes, believe me is not only a sidewalk for people, it’s also for animals. What happened in your life few |
| |hours ago? There were many things that happened to me for example when my friends saw me at the side walk, when my friends spotted me when I was |
| |walking home, and when my friends requested me to go to the mall. |
| | |
| |I was strolling lethargy on the sidewalk, I was thinking about my future and I saw an old man that was walking with his dog. When I was walking |
| |also saw two