File System and Folders Essay

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Jessica-Ann Honkala#8
Couse# IT 133 Software Applications
Chapter: 2 Notes
Assignment: Notes
Date: 1/9/13

Notes * You can create folders on any drive, whether it’s a hard drive, flash drive or some other type of storage medium. If you organize your folders properly, you will discover that finding the one you need is a snap. * It is vital that you organize folders on your computer in a logical manner, especially as the number of files grows. * A key part of keeping your files organized is creating folders and subfolder’s to store them as much as you use file folders to keep your paper files organized in your filing cabinet. * If you regularly access a particular folder, create a shortcut to that folder on the desktop. * When working with files in a multiple-column view, you might want to select files that are in contiguous rectangular area rather than single-column selects a rectangular group of objects, lasso them. * To copy a file or folder means to duplicate of it. You can copy multiple files at the same time. Simply select all the files you wish to copy before launching the copy operation. You can also copy entire folders and their subfolders at one time. * Copying and moving are not the same action. If you copy a file or folder, you create a duplicate. If you move a file or folder, you simply place that file or folder in a different location.
The easiest way to move a file or folder is to drag it from one folder and drop it in another. * Deleting an item means to erase it. Use the same process to delete files, folders, or just about anything else on your computer. * After you delete the item, Windows prompts you to confirm the deletion; click yes. * When you delete and item in windows it is not immediately remove from your computer. Instead Windows places it in the recycling