Filipino Workers Case Study

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Introduction Family is a group of people that consist of parents and children and their relatives. Our parent’s role is to take care of us, to teach us good manners, to give our needs and wants, to be with us from our childhood until we grow up. But because of lack of money they need to make a difficult decision to go work on abroad and give or provide their family needs. According to (Rufo, 2008) the migration of other Filipino in other country should be one of the many options of an individual, so the government should create more jobs specifically in Philippines because of the migration or parents go on abroad the number one affected is their children because of
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The study determined the significant relationship between the extent of stress factors, such as Health, Work, Home and Family, Personal and Social and Financial stresses, and the level of wellbeing of Overseas Filipino Workers. This is a descriptive-correlation study using purposive sampling of 400 Filipino Overseas Worker currently in the country on vacation and those currently working abroad who were contacted through the Face book Networking Site and Yahoomail Website. Mean and Pearson Product Moment Correlation or Pearson r were used as statistical tools. The Extent of Stress Factors associated with the Well-being of Overseas Filipino is moderately extensive. This means that the Overseas Filipino Workers have experienced the Stress Factors sometimes while working abroad. The level of the well-being of overseas Filipino workers is high. This means that their state of well-being is often satisfactory while working abroad. The result suggests that Filipino cultural values like “pakikisama, pakikitungo, utang na loob, bayanihan, pamamagitan, patriotism, commitment, responsibility, nationalism, compassion, goal oriented, dignity, family solidarity, competence, reliability, knowledgeable, and loyalty” and the availability of social media and electronic mails brought by Internet connections and other means of communication sustain the physical, financial, mental and spiritual well-being of OFWs while working