Film 112 Story Essay

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Film 112: Story
What is Story?
In the broadest sense:
Story incorporates
Plot – what happens and when it is presented to the audience
Cause and effect
Character – how s/he develops as a result of the context changes (the plot)
Strengths and Flaws
Bordwell &Thompson Film Art
Plot: The presented events seen/heard in edited order
Story: All that we see and hear and infer based on chronological order
The course of events (plot) alters the character beliefs and behavior
Lecture definitions
Story is character development or how the protagonist changes from beginning to the end of the project.
Plot is a series of events that forces the character to be active.
Character development stems from the protagonist making a difficult choice, and even a sacrifice.
How do the two different definitions of plot and story influence each other?
Character Development
“The moth represents change.”
“The world is more interesting with you in it.”
Character Development:
Dramatic Want & Dramatic Need
Attitude – What is consistent about the character—a believe that is tested but remains true
Strong Point of View – a believe that is shattered—The character learns something new about him/herself or even the world.
Change – character behaves differently (smarter, more powerful, better/worse)
“You se a lot, Dr. Lecter. But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself?”
Conflict is the lifeblood of story:
Internal Conflict
An individual battles inner demons
External Conflict
Man vs. man
Man vs. nature
Context: the environment around the character; gives him/her choices to make.
Context makes the situation unique-it explains “so what?”
How did your story begin before the first frame?
What is at stake?
How do the Bordwell & Thompson concepts of story and plot come into play in your