Film Analysis: Cinderella Man

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One of the most interesting stories about boxing is Cinderella Man. The movie was released in 2005 and directed by Ron Howard. Cinderella Man is based on a true story written by Cliff Hollingsworth and Akiva Goldsman. The film centers around James Braddock, an American boxing champion, who was played by Russell Crowe. In the movie, Braddock tried to protect of his family as much as he could from The Great Depression. No one can deny that Cinderella Man is one of the most enjoyable films in the sport and romance genre; the impact of the character portrayals, the use of movie’s visuals and a rich screenplay make the film irresistible.
The story of Cinderella Man movie happened when the U.S. was suffering from The Great Depression, and the economy had failed. At that time, Braddock started to lose the boxing fight. He was suffering and depressed and had to work as a day laborer until his manager, Joe, played by Paul Giamatti, supported him and offered some fights for him to get him back to the boxing ring. Braddock and his family struggled a lot and providing an income for his family was very challenging. The crux of the film comes when James Braddock was fighting for the
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Russel Crowe, Rene Zellweger, and Paul Giamatti were very fabulous characters, and they professionally played their roles as close as a real story. Also, one of the strong points of Cinderella Man was the screenplay; it was rich, serviceable, and appealing. I really enjoyed watching the film. I would recommend this film for adults who are interested in watching sport, drama, and romance films. However, I do not recommend this movie for children because of two reasons. First, the fight scenes are extremely bloody and violent. Second, there were some sexual scenes between Braddock and his wife through the film. Although I am not a big fan of boxing, I was so excited by Braddock that I was completely involved in each