Film Analysis Of Cinderella Man

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Almost nine thousand banks closed, followed by the stock market crash of 1929. Before the Great Depression, many people were content with their lives, it wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst. The Gilded Age was a time between the Civil War and WWI. The population was growing quickly as well as the economic population. Cinderella Man is a perfect representation of the American lifestyle from the 20’s to the end of the late 1930’s early 1940’s. The audience of Cinderella Man is carried through an emotional truth of how average families lives turned upside down after the stock market crash of 1929 and the hurtful mirroring image of how Americans lived.
As soon as the movie starts, the audience is brought into the 20s. Lights, camera, action. Paparazzi are shown photographing the heavyweight world champion, James J Braddock. The representation of New York City shows how there was a great amount of money being spent on ways to entertain the community at the time. Boxing was a form of entertainment; at the time even the average class families could afford to
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The movie fast forwards four years into the Great Depression and shows how Braddock lost a majority of his possessions, audience can assume it was due to selling it for money. After the stock market crash, many Americans lost their jobs. The unemployment rate was at 25% and you literally had to compete to earn a spot for a one day job. Families had to sacrifice everything for make sure their children were taken care of. In Cinderella Man, many examples of this are shown. Braddock’s daughter, Rosie, tells her mother she wanted more to eat, but due to running up their grocery store credit, Mae is unable to afford to buy enough for more than one serving, so Braddock tells Rosie he is full from a dream so she is able to have more. The family also could not afford to pay for milk so Mae improvises and mixes older milk with water to produce more for the