Film Analysis Of The Film Reflection Of 'Contact'

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Film reflection of “Contact”

The film focuses on a female scientists Ellie who believed in science pursuing scientific answers, in the story she firmly believed that there is life on other planets. She broke through many difficulties and eventually visited “other planets.” In a short visit, she passed many time-spaces, saw the beautiful and vast space world, and saw her father. But when she tried to prove herself what she saw and heard after she woke up, she could not find any evidence. She could not get herself believed. This situation is echoed in the film when Joss who firmly believe in God asked her a baffled question "Ellie , do you love your father? Prove it ". Ellie’s crazy pursuit of science challenged many religious people. Joss is her lover in the film, although he has a different belief with Ellie, he always support her. At the end of the film there is a reporter asked the priest "What do you believe Joss?" when J replied "E and I although believe differently, we have the same goal -- the pursuit of truth, I believe her" this sentence is core to the expression of the film. Science and religion although different, but the their goal is the pursuit of truth, just in a different way. Joss’ last sentence "I believe her" is an expression of love, this shows that the "love" can eliminate the gap between science and religion, faith in these two science and religion are all some kind of love, love let science and religion coexist.
Science is a critical belief, which use hypothesis, verification and other scientific methods and a series of rational inference to get knowledge. It is called scientific critical faith because it is questioned, and it encourage questions to promote the updating progress. Be specific to a technology product, for example: "the Iphone 5 is much better than Iphone 4". When a technology enthusiast says such words, he is ridiculing technology with respect to previous tech efforts. Tech enthusiast of science love this kind of natural feelings. Science encourages innovation and progress, which accepts such ridiculed speech. So there are people who pursuit new technology products, there are also scientists who update products continuously and promote the progress of science and technology. Science is a road of no return, it is always thinking. Science solve many problems, people have tried to prove that God does not exist using the scientific method, but in the end they failed to get a conclusion, the reason is that science cannot assume consciousness exists. Science on the other hand have no way to figure out where the sudden inspiration comes from. Science is rational but it does not exclude the perceptual thinking, many scientists have believes in religion, such as: Newton, Einstein, Descartes. Religion has helped science to complete many good tasks, but what will science bring to