Film Analysis: Reefer Madness

Words: 2002
Pages: 9

A plant that was once praised by our founding fathers has drastically changed to being antagonized by government and media.
“Hemp is not feasible in the United States… It doesn’t even hold a crease.” –Gen. Barry McCaffrey U.S. Drug Czar, 1998
“We will not permit American farmers to grow hemp.” –Gen. Barry McCaffrey U.S. Drug Czar, 1999 So how did this incredibly useful plant become illegal in the first place? Harry J. Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst were working together from the beginning to try and make cannabis illegal. What initially started it all was Anslinger wanted to grow the Bureau of Narcotics agency because he thought cocaine and opiates wouldn’t be enough. So he decided to create some controversy with cannabis so he could use it as the third drug to expand his agency. Let’s jump ahead to the year 1936 that is when the movie “Reefer Madness” came out. This movie was used as propaganda to scare the public of a new drug on the street by the name of “Marihuana”. It was based on a series of what is known as “yellow journalism” started by Hearst which took place in the
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That is false; it is much easier for kids to get it now, even though it is illegal. “How is that possible?” Just for the simple fact that drug dealers don’t ask for I.D. any person’s money is good enough for them. This is where parents have to do their jobs as parents. They should educate their kids on the subject of marijuana when they believe they are mature enough to grasp the information. It shouldn’t be a subject that is off limits or taboo. Instead of keeping the information from them and keeping them in a state of fear by saying it is dangerous, teach them to be responsible and make decisions on good judgment. If they get a hold of marijuana just know it is the safest compared to anything they could get a hold of even safer than over the counter