Film and Course Enrichment Component Essay

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Course Enrichment Component 2 Going to the movies has become a cultural sensation. Actually, one of the most common ideas for people going out on a date is to just go watch a movie together. To some the idea of going to the movies may seem like a special treat. However, is it actually a better experience than watching a movie at home? A few weeks ago, I went to AMC theaters to watch John Leonetti’s Annabelle (2014). Being a huge fan of horror film, I thought this would be a great experience. I soon discovered one of the fatal flaws with going out to the movies. One of the problems is that you are surrounded by other spectators. These spectators depending on who they are can totally sabotage your experience or make your day. Unfortunately, I was caught with a poor crowd and my experience was ruined as a result. This week I decided I would stay home and watch James Wan’s Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) on Netflix. Insidious is another horror film like Annabelle. I chose this movie so I could directly compare my two experiences and see how different my experience would be without the crowd’s disruption. While trying to watch Annabelle, I often found myself overhearing the various discussions going on between those around me. I heard everything, from a mother trying to cheer up her petrified son to a couple arguing over what they were going to do when the movie was over. This constant chatter would occasionally rise to the point where it would disrupt the dialogue in the movie and I was left wondering what the characters were talking about. However, while at home this did not occur. There was no noise that interrupted the movie, allowing me to understand and interpret everything going on in the film. Where scare scenes at the movies would set off a mad phase of panic, at home they were met simply with me grinning in delight. At the movies’ the noise level would rise so loud that my ears begin ringing on occasion. But, at home the sounds were left light and easy, allowing me to fall into a state of ease, rather than grasping at my ears constantly. It was pure bliss. Another huge issue I met while at the theater was the seating arrangement. The theatre has you all packed tightly together. This caused people to touch others by accident when reaching for their beverages and sometimes just because of natural reactions. On three separate occasions at the theater, I got caught with a hand to my face, chest, and stomach because the person next to me flailed their arms every time the demon in Annabelle made an appearance on screen. This was one of the many reasons I decided to stay home this time. At home, nobody could touch me and I had as much space as I pleased. I was able to lie happily across an entire couch…