Film and Horror Film Essay

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In Stephen Kings essay called “Why We Crave Horror Movies” Kind displays his opinion and thoughts on why it is believed for people to love and crave the thrill of watching a horror movie. The writing says horror movies may take away ones secret, twisted, psychedelic thoughts and help sooth their rage. Maybe some just enjoy the adrenaline rush of the fear on screen. Lastly some might enjoy horror movies to regain ones confidence in the normality of the world today. “It may be that horror movies provide psychic relief” (230) says King. This could sadly be true for some people now days. It is not hard to build up raging anger and want to dispose of it in violent acts, so how else can one get rid of anger without purging violent sins? The answer is simple, by watching someone else do it for them. However; this is not the goal a horror film is trying to particularly portray. Entertainment is available in many forms and growing every year with new technology on the rise. Horror movies are one of the oldest ways of getting satisfactory entertainment, not to be used as therapy. King also compares watching a horror film to the rush one gets while riding a roller coaster. This is true, watching a horror film has much more to it than blood and guts for the insane eyes in the world. It is a mind boggling, edge of the seat sitting mystery. Like a roller coaster, one never knows what is coming next. The drops, twists, and turns making stomachs drop and heads spin. The same effect is being displayed through a horror film. As viewers of a horror film one knows what is going on behind scenes and gets sneak peeks. It is hard to not yell at the TV screen “Turn around!” Adrenaline is a addicting feeling one can experience. The point behind horror films are to provide intense entertainment, the same intentions a roller coaster has when it is being built. Lastly, King portrays the popularity of horror films in a scary, sadly realistic way. The world is not simple anymore. Bad things happen every day, Murder rates go up every year, and kids get kidnapped every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to think the world wasn’t