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Chelsea Tropper
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2 December 2010

“My Favorite Film Ever”

The movie Precious is based on the novel Push, by Sapphire. This movie is honestly one of the most powerful, moving films I have ever seen. By the end, it definitely gives you a different standpoint and leaves such a strong impression. The acting in this movie feels so real, it almost feels like you’re watching a documentary rather than a Hollywood film. The main character is played by amateur actress Gabourey Sidibe and plays as Claireece Precious Jones. Precious is a morbidly obese black teen who comes from a welfare home. She has been abused all of her life by her mother and father. Her father has raped her throughout her life and has resulted in two children. Her mother is verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive. Also as a result of all of the abuse, Precious has absolutely no self esteem. She describes herself as “ugly black grease to be washed from the streets.” When her inner city Harlem school found out that she was pregnant she was kicked out and was left with alternative school as her only option. This allowed for her life to change. At this alternative school she meets her teacher, Ms.Rain who was very dedicated and cares deeply about her students. She had gained Precious’ trust and started to turn her life around. Throughout the film, Precious has these fantasies that occur sometimes in between scenes. She fantasizes about becoming a movie star or a celebrity, where there are crowds of fans cheering for her. These random scenes really do make their way into the film since her ultimate goal was to find love and acceptance. This films genre is a drama. Dramas have been used as tools to teach the audience as far back as the silent era. The 1950’s