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Aaron Smyth Task 4

In this task we were asked to look over a few software packages such as premier pro, I movie and Sony Vegas Pro. I decided to go for I movie to do my task as I movie was simplicity and there for me to use in my classroom, as I have never done a project like this ever before, I found by the reviews and videos I had looked at on YouTube over each other the pieces of software I movie was the best simplicity one to use for my project. After using I movie and getting a good bit of understanding of video editing and uses of the software, I found a few things that put me of the fact of using I movie in the future for other projects was that you weren't able to save your video if you had only half edited it wouldn't t save when you closed the application, it might be different fact if you were using your on pc or Mac it would stay on I think it was because I was using a tech Mac, but I would rather not have this doubt and know I can save my up to date changes that I had done to my advertisement so I researched other through the other pieces of software and both Premier Pro and Song Vegas Pro both let you save your advertisement during manipulation and go back and continue editing, so i will be using Premier Pro or Song Vegas Pro in the future for any video editing.

I felt a bit nervous to the first approach to the brief as I have never done any sort of filming or video editing before. But in another direction I felt sort of excited to the fact I would be learning something new to me, that it would be a new understanding to something that I have often thought about doing and would love to have done, with the help of my Tudor I learnt new techniques and briefly how to use this software of video editing and filming. Once I began to use the techniques doing brief small videos using a tech camera and uploading the videos onto the computer and then transferring them onto I movie I got a quick enough understanding how to use the software and techniques I spent one day learning everything from filming to editing. On the second day I began to plan out my video using mind maps and other types of research, the mind maps helped me then proceed to create a storyboard my initial idea was for burning shoes. On last minute decision I decided to change that idea of filming due to health and safety risk, I decided to do a more small risk video using the dolls indoor.

I experimented with alot of different special effects on the software which I decided to use I movie I took some photo age of a member of my class Stephen walking towards the camera in the style that I was aiming for to happen in my finished piece. I used some special effects on I movie called Sci fi etc. ,my aim was to get a night vision CCTV effect on my video advertisement and I movie gave me some effects to give it that feel. I experimented a good bit through the effects and features I movie offered me with the photo age I captured of Stephen I found a lot of these effects very helpful and useful to me they gave me I really good understanding of what way I wanted my finished piece look like.

For my planning of this video advertisement was done at the start as it should have been but the storyboards were not completed till after the video was made because of the last minute decision to change the filming. I know that I should have carried out the storyboards before the filming but being honest I didn't but I def will for the future preferences.
I put my video advertisement onto my social networking website Facebook to get an opinion poll on what other peoples thoughts were on my video and get reviews. I got alot of good positive feedback from people and a couple of negatives. the positive reviews