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Film industry: film chain
There are multiple of stages when it comes to producing a film. You have to consider finance, script devolopment, renting of the places and equipment, hiring actors, pre-production, shooting, post-production, editing and finally marketing. Each step mention above is as important as eachother and for each of these steps there will be hundreds of people that need to be hired, contacted if there is any hope of it being a successful production.

The main popular producers of films in America are but not limited to; 20th Century Fox, Dimension Films, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures. The ownership definitely has an impact on what the specifc studios tend to co-operate with and make. Some focus on specific genres of films due to past success or market in a particular manner that may not appeal to the right group of people the movie is about. The production is most likely influenced heavily by the owners and their bias opinions on how things should be done, it influence the production of their studio. Whether it's for the better or worse depends on the production, how they go about it and by whom it's being assessed.

An independent film is a production that is made without any influence from a major studio and that may be with indivudal funding. Although a film goes through all of the steps mentioned in the first paragraph it can still be achieved by few individuals. however, it will take longer and the reputation of the quality is not as prestigious as those of the major studios in Hollywood but that doesn't mean that an independent production isn't capable of surpassing the quality and box office of a major film. The only reason is how many marketing outlets the major studios have compared to independent features, which is why they're usually limited to the country that they're made in.

The official definition of distribution is the act of sharing something between a group or spread over an area. If we apply this to film industry we're talking about the first screening of films, which is to receive an initial response of the film and primarily to get someone to help distribute the film through merchandise and cinema screenings. As well as building hype for the film so other people will recognise it before it comes out. A good screening will be a film to receive positive reviews and reactions from the audience which consists of high profile celebrities and distributors that will probably share their experience with the social media for the general public. The timing of when a film is released is important. If you release the film on halloween their would be a lot of focus on the day itself rather than this random film that's coming out.

Marketing is the promoting and selling of products and services which also includes advertisement. Marketing