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Xavier Smoak
Film Analysis 3
The costumes by Milena Canonero helped point out for me, certain aspects of the way M. Gustave needed to present himself. For example, I became obsessed that the bow tie needed to be absolutely straight, that nothing be amiss about the precise persona he was trying to inhabit. Their clothing was anything but dull, their colors were very flamboyant and their outfits were well fit for the time period, it was able to take me back and help me imagine what it would have felt like to live in the Soviet Union in the 1920’s. The mood of this movie is quirky and comedic, which adequately compliments the clothing of all the eccentric characters we get in this film. 1 prop I really enjoyed was the “Grand Budapest Hotel” itself; in the movie they would sometimes switch the representation of it back and forth. Sometimes the hotel would seem clay like or play like and sometimes it would switch back to appearing to portray a regular hotel.
The Setting fits this movie perfectly; everything about this movie was just shot beautifully. The setting felt fresh and new, due to many directors not being able to capture shots the way Wes Anderson is able to do so effortlessly do to his artistic vision on all things. Other shots that were just splendid were shots of Ralph Fiennes and his lobby boy riding on the train to Ralph Fiennes lover; while they are riding you are able to gaze out of the window and just see all of the land that they will later travel through. While you’re looking through the window, the picture is very believable and rich.
The Acting of this cast was phenomenal; too many star actors to name. The main star (fiennes) role as M.Gustave was very encapturing; everything he did was just genius. His witty and comedic performance in my opinion was very crucial throughout this film. Another actor I like was Ed. Norton, who I believe even as supporting actor did a fine job with facial expressions and well time responses overall I loved the feel of his character.
Wes Anderson is a master with the camera; just for starters, he recorded this film in 3 different ratios depending on how you felt like the movie should be portrayed. The set can cooperate. Last sequence of the movie where Zero and Agatha fall through the car attempting to retrieve the painting, in the shot were Zero and Agatha land they are centered an embrace, which leaves lots of headroom, but the slightly disheveled stack of pastry boxes in the upper background contributes to the sense that they’re engulfed in boxes. Other camera techniques used is when Zero and M.Gustave were running through the snow, it had a type of James Bond feel which they used a dolly for the side angle to give it a humorous view.
The music of this movie was well placed through the whole scene, each moment they should have used music they did and when they did it, it engulfed the movie with good vibes. That is one of the reasons it won an Oscar in the category of best music written for a motion picture. The music gives it the feel of the old time Austrian European feel, which fits.
The pacing of this movie was done well, due to the set up of this film being inspired to be portrayed like a play which keeps everything in order so no confusion would happen. The movie moved at a very moderate speed not fast and not to slow or drawn out. The speed of the movie went the plot was given with a slice of back-story, onto the conflict and to how to get past the conflict delivered with witty dialogue through the film…