Essay on Film Critique - Ned Kelly & Gallipoli

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Many Australian films explore the concept of ‘overcoming adversity’, common to films from many countries but they explore it in a manner unique to Australia and embrace the ‘Aussie Battler’ or ‘Aussie Hero’ icon. The films Gallipoli (Directed by Peter Weir - 1981) and Ned Kelly (Directed by Gregor Jordan - 2003) are two good examples of this. Both films show evidence of characters overcoming adversities throughout their stories. The following will analyse each film and explore the concept by looking at themes and film techniques.

The characters in the film Gallipoli, Frank and Archie, develop a very close friendship throughout their tough journey together. This special bond they have helps them to overcome the terrible adversity of
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This particular still scene almost feels as though it’s symbolic of an iconic figure.

Ned Kelly, in some scenes, uses similar music to create similar moods and emotions as in Gallipoli. One particular scene where the characters are hiding in a hotel, surrounded by police, there is the feeling of suspense and fear in the music in the same way as in Gallipoli, where the men are waiting for the whistle to signal them to fight. Throughout most of the movie, the lighting is quite dark. It symbolises all the emotions and feelings of the characters as they struggle through all the hardship of their lives, as they try to overcome disrespect and suffering and gain basic human rights. The dark lighting throughout the film also symbolises how hard it was for the characters to overcome the adversities they faced.

Archie symbolises the young generation lost to World War 1. The plot about Archie and Frank, the two heroes in the film, is designed to symbolize and glorify the old Australian ideal of mate ship.
Ned Kelly’s famous armor has become a symbol of courage and determination similarly to the lines from Gallipoli said by Archie’s running coach to him: ‘How fast can you run?’ and Archie replies, ‘As fast as a leopard!’ they both symbolize willpower and purpose. No main character in either film will be deterred from getting what they want. This depicts Australians to be rather imperturbable.