Film Noir Film Analysis

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Dark Themes in Films After the world war, American film industry started to produce films with negative themes and in contemporary American culture, the film industry is producing 'Film Noir' with respect to past myths and ideologies (Belton, 221). I have watched many American films and found that they all portray negative themes and they reflect negative issues, which cause disgust despite the American culture, define them as entertainment films. For example, Touch of Evil (1958), Kiss Me Deadly (1955) and Double Indemnity (1944) are films, which I have recently watched, and they represent dark themes and are associated with evil, disillusionment, paranoia, moral corruption among other negative features. For example, the first …show more content…
The literature portrayed a different world and represented a tradition of realism through detective fiction. In addition, German expressionism was associated with French poetic realism, it played a part in the development of noir films. At this period, American adopted German popular stylistic style, which was associated with dark themes of the world (Belton, 221). In contemporary America, the film noir brought a transitional change from pre-industrialization to industrialization. The transformational changed the American identity and this resulted into crisis on issues of national identity. There was a driving power, which controlled mobilization and national unity. Since the power in maintaining unity was based on groups rather than individual, there was kind of disillusionment which blocked unity and led to postwar (Belton, 223). Thus, film noir is popular in contemporary world and by portraying the negative themes; it tends to present the American culture in the society. Its narrative features give a vivid explanation of confrontation because of diverse ideas, social and moral problems. Generally, it is not normal for people to watch uncomfortable and horror films but the films touch the lives of the American people following the consequences of postwar. After the second war, America was free, but it lost its freedom during the postwar because of economic and political system. The wealth and power created a materialist society and portrayed widespread crime, global war resentment and the Red Scare. The reasons why people like watching film noir it because it portrays the dark themes of the war era and the films touches an important aspect of life (Belton, 228). Note that films are associated with culture and people use the film as a mirror, which reflects the dominant culture of