Film: Pregnancy and Juno Essay

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Juno is a film about a girl who is an independent-minded teenager who is confronted with an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate and friend Paulie Bleeker, followed by subsequent events that puts pressures of adult life onto her. At first Juno had planned on having an abortion, but after being confronted by a classmate at the clinic and learning the baby had already grown finger nails, Juno decides on giving the baby up for adoption. With the help of her best friend, Leah, she found a perfect couple in the penny saver to give her unborn child to. Juno is a strong willed, independent teenager who is faced with having to grow up a little too early. When she is confronted with this pregnancy she if faced with a lot of problems that need solutions. The first one being her maturity. She is only sixteen years old and she does not have the maturity to make decisions about the baby alone. She needs help and guidance from her family and friends. People who can help her really think this pregnancy through. When she mustered up the courage to tell her father and stepmother that she was pregnant, there first reaction was supportive. The step mother was quick to write down all the prenatal vitamins that she needed and making a doctor’s appointment. Something that a 16 year old would not necessarily think of right away. Her father, even though not too thrilled said he would go with Juno to visit the couple who she would be giving the baby up for adoption to make sure they didn’t mess around with her, since she was so young. The step mother and father were also there for Juno throughout the entire pregnancy giving her advice when needed, and sticking up for her when the outside world was not accepting on Juno’s condition. For example, when they were at the doctors and the doctor commented “thank goodness for that” when Juno told her she would be giving the baby up for adoption. Her best friend Leah and the baby’s father Paulie were there to support Juno through the pregnancy as well. It was hard for Juno to be pregnant and 16, a lot of her classmates would stare at her when she walked through the hallways. Her two friends were always by her side.
The social environment was not as accepting and supportive