Film Ratings and the Motion Picture Association of America Essay

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Motion Picture Association of America was formed in 1922 in order to advance the commercial interests of the moviemakers. Currently, the main function of this trade association is to act as the voice and advocate for American motion picture, television industries, and home video. The association also represents producers, distributors of media content, and any future delivery system created. In a nutshell, the association is regulating its own industry by providing ratings for the very items it pursues to safeguard and represent (Motion Pictures Association of America, 2013).
It's important to note that parents are the key decision makers in the movie's ratings. Therefore, there is an autonomous panel of parents who normally rate each movie before it is released to the market. The main function is to rate all motion pictures as they believe the mainstream of their fellow parents would rate the film. They usually take into account the controversial issues of sexuality, violence, profanity language among other related issues. The system seeks to provide flawless, succinct advanced information to parents about movie content so that they can decide the most suitable for their children while maintaining freedom of expression for moviemakers and their silver screen business (Motion Pictures Association of America, 2013).
The MPAA rating system has been the object of diverse and ongoing complaints. Some filmmakers believe system puts overwhelmingly prominent sexuality while permitting the depiction of colossal amounts of horrific violence. It's obvious that the system is biased and does not treat the two issues equally. Violence has been tolerated to the extreme. This can not be said for the issue of sexuality. In addition, the filmmakers argue that it's not fair because the system concentrates at inconsequential facets of a film. For instance, how many times a profane word has been used in a film instead of looking at the overall theme of the film?. More important, if the film believes portraying the impact of violence and sex, the use of profane words is in order. However, this is not considered by the rating system, hence, condemning an otherwise good film into oblivion There are several films that MPAA has rated controversially. However, the most recent one that has caused furor is the "Blue Valentine" produced by The Weinstein Company. The No Under 17 Admitted, popularly known as NC-17, was controversially delivered just because of a single sex scene between Michelle Williams and Gosling Ryan. Conversely, even though this scene did not carry any extreme sexual overtones or any other objectionable content, but it was simply slightly graphic and emotionally raw. Later on, an appeal was launched with Harvey Weinstein individually appearing before the appeals panel to implore on behalf of the movie. He was successful as the film went to the theatres with an R rating. The protest was valid since the sexual scene was not that extremely vulgar as to affect those under age