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From the beginning of Bertie’s life to the time he was becoming King of England he suffered a speech impediment, which caused him to stammer over the words he would try and say whether he was making a speech or just talking amongst family and friends. He went to many doctors that tried to help him overcome his speech impediment, by using different exercises, but none worked in the end and he just became more and more frustrated with himself. Finally Bertie’s wife contacts a doctor who was recommended to her by a friend and would be beneficiary in the end. Even though Lionel the speech pathologist isn’t really certified as a doctor and is really a failed actor in life, he has helped Bertie overcome his stuttering dramatically in the end when he has to make his first main speech as King of England. Bertie and Lionel’s relationship has its ups and downs during the movie, but in the end everything turns out to be happy and exhilarating. When Lionel and Bertie first meet up for their first appointment there are many misunderstandings that take place during this scene. First off Lionel isn’t really a doctor and doesn’t have any certification in the field of speech pathology, but he is a speech pathologist and failed actor. However, Bertie doesn’t find out that he was lied to this whole time until the end of the movie, but he forgives Lionel in the end. Also Lionel used many techniques that actors use to warm up and many of the exercises he used when helping the Australian…