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Film Studies
GHUM 1079
Amanda Francis
Brad Reed

Grapes of Wrath

Francis 1
The movie “Grapes of Wrath” is directed by John Ford and shot by Gregg Toland. This film can relate to many things that are still occurring during this day and age. For example, poverty and homelessness. Poverty is what makes this film still relevant today because there are still so many people dealing with their lost of homes and everything someone needs in life to survive. Which brings me to answer the next question, which is “has conditions for the poor changed?” No, the conditions for the poor haven’t changed because around the world people are still suffering, dying and struggling to find a place to live and to find money, just like the people in the movie. The cinematography that Toland gives to the film adds power and depth because with all of the medium shots, and the difficult camera angles, he gives us that feel as if it was a documentary. But not only that, but also the lighting of each scene complemented the scenes and the characters, which gave us a deeper feeling to make us connect. It made us know that it was a struggle where they were. Which connects to as why he used black and white because it made us remember that back then, there was no color, and Toland took advantage of that. If there were color, there would be too many distractions for the audience. They would focus on everything else, but the actors. So he made a smart choice because with the film being shot in black and white we got a deeper meaning and it seemed more detailed and realistic. Displayed in this film were the struggles and all of the problems that people went through during the Great Depression, which gave us more of an insight as to what it was like. Also, from beginning to end, they travelled to many locations, like Mexico, Arizona and the national Highway 66, which were all shot on site. It
Francis 2 seemed like they were giving the audience an inside as to where people back in those times would travel. I personally think that his contrast of light and shadow is being employed as a metaphor. Like for example, at the beginning of the film, Tommy had just come back to jail and was talking to Muley, who was his pastor back in the day and Tommy was asking about his family and Muley had told him that his family had to leave. As soon as he said that, the lighting got really dim, and there was a