Film: Sun and Lieutenant Waters Essay

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Film 160 October 20, 2009

Many things cause people to constantly change and adapt as their lives move forward. They are often faced with the choice to try and keep everything the same or allow for growth to occur. Often times this change isn’t a trivial move from one state to another but much bigger; a shift that can only be found within. The shift from their normal out look is usually due to a change in surrounds. It is something that has to rattle them to their core and allows them to challenge former beliefs. Both Tsotsi and Tears of the Sun are examples of how an interaction with a baby to just extracting a doctor from a war torn area can over haul belief structures. Tsotsi shows just one aspect of how simple a chance encounter can deeply affect some one’s life. Had Tsotsi not been confronted at the bar he would never had run off and consequently stolen the car and taken the baby. Through his actions he began to rediscover a side of himself that he had be running from. The baby allowed him care for something and in turn he became attached to both the child and the woman Tsotsi charged to feed him. As Tsotsi’s journey unravelled he became a softer and kinder person. At the time he was on his way to return the baby he gave the old beggar money and even appeared to look changed, with a clean white shirt and pants. The change in Tsotsi was gradual yet substantial and came to a head at the end of the movie when he did return the baby boy to his rightful family. Tears of the Sun is a movie that begins with one simple: concept follow orders and bring home the American, Doctor Kendricks. For Lieutenant Waters this becomes much more then just a simple pick up. By Doctor Kendricks refusing to leave the war torn area without the patients in her care, Lieutenant Water is faced with a big problem. He can either force the Doctor to leave or offer to protect the group and go against his orders. The Lieutenant picks the latter and begins the hardest journey. It is no longer just the life of one woman and his men but also that of the twenty patients as well. For Lieutenant Waters the choice to protect the group comes at a huge cost and put the entire group at risk. By deciding to help the people Waters faces great dangers and is hugely out numbered. The reward in this case greatly out…