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Stephanie White Writing in the Disciplines
February 12th, 2013 Essay 1

Legalization of Prostitution Prostitution is a subject that has been widely spoken about. Legalizing prostitution brings up many arguments and debate. Prostitution, while causing an abundance of controversy, holds three specific beneficial aspects to society. These include the elimination of violence benefit, the financial benefit, and the health benefit. Prostitution is looked down upon in many ways. Prostitution is known to be the act of receiving money, or items from the opposite party after performing sexual deeds. This can range from all different types of situations, not just intercourse. Although prostitution sounds horrific and immoral, there are millions of people involved in prostitution around the word. It is similar to the drug sales that occur around the world. Stopping it from occurring seems to be impossible. There is a good amount of negative attributes associated with the legalization of prostitution. One negative attribute is the belief that it is morally incorrect. Who is to say what is morally correct and incorrect these days (Bromburg1). Everyone has their own values and morals. Children’s video games where they are killing people and running over children in cars, is that morally correct? Yet those video games are still on the shelves while girls trying to do what they can to feed their families remain in jail or being abused (Hughes1). Another negative feature is that is prostitution is legalized, there is fear that the profession of prostituting may seem more appealing to young woman looking to make some extra money (Hughes1). Therefore, the number of prostitutes may rise. People get so frightened by this. This is very true and this may happen. Fear or being put in jail stop a lot of women from becoming a prostitute. If consequences were diminished, many more women may want a taste of the money. Along with the negative, always comes positive. In my belief, in this situation, there are many more positive traits than negative ones. The first one of these benefits includes eliminating, or drastically reducing violence and sexual abuse placed upon these women. Because prostitution is illegal prostitutes are not protected by the law, leaving them defenseless against rape and violence (Hughes1). Prostitutes are scared to report any abuse or violence because of their own fear of being in trouble with the police. Clients and pimps are aware that prostitutes are defenseless under the law, so they abuse them however they please (Hughes1). In Nevada where prostitution is legal girls must be the age of 21 and be employed at a specific brothel with a specific brothel owner. (Hubbard1). These brothels are evaluated and checked upon regularly (Hubbard1). This would give prostitutes employment rights and pimps and clients wouldn’t be able to treat them terribly, as they do. “If prostitution is legalized nobody can harass us” - this quote was stated by a prostitute named Nalini (Jagirdar). These women are in pain constantly, not just emotionally, but physically as well. Although we may never be able to relieve the burden of their emotional pain, but we, as a society, can try to weaken their physical pain. The second benefit is the financial benefit. As our economy struggles in America, this may be something to help pull us out of the gutter. The prostitution industry would create more jobs as a whole, not including the jobs of the woman prostituting. Taxing prostitution would be a tremendous help in our downward- spiraling economy. We could tax prostitution just like we tax hospitality. We could make a lot of money. This is money that everyone in America needs right now. A high end prostitute can make up to five hundred-thousand untaxed dollars each year. Taxing this could bring in an